An interesting encounter with a Russian blogger

I know Online levitra my post on cross-cultural relationships continues to get a lot of hits from Google searches. Must be a lot of people out there either in cross-cultural relationships or interested in getting into one. So I guess I shouldn’t be as surprised as I was to receive an email from a Russian reader of my blog who came across this post.

Dear Mr. Kenneth Leong!

My name is May Kim, I am from Russia.

I made a post based on your article – Cross cultural relationships –
It drew my attention because my son’s father is Russian, so he is half-Russian, half-Korean. I get interested in the problems of cross-cultural relationships.

My – is about various life aspects from international blogs. I ask bloggers from different countries to answer my interview questions.

I realize you to be very busy, but I would like to ask you whether you could be so kind as to give my blog the interview. I am sure that it will be very interesting and thrilling for Russian bloggers to read your interview which will be addressed personally to the Russian audience.

It took me over a month to get round to it, but I obliged. So here is the English version of the interview questions, followed by my answers. For those of you who read Russian, read the full version here.

1. 5 words associated with the word “Russia”.

exotic, cold, beautiful people, mafia, vodka

2. What is the most relevant thing in blogging?

content that leaves people wanting to know more

3. What are the most important conceptual and structural blog-universals?

most blogs in the world only have an audience of 1 ie. the writer.
without traffic, a blog is not a blog; it’s a diary.

4. What are the possible directions in blog development?

blogs will be more and more specialised, and successful blogs will focus on niche areas.

5. What does blogging give you?

an opportunity to voice an opinion, promote language learning and greater intercultural understanding

6. What do you dislike in blogging?

nothing really. but blogging is not for everyone as you have to be very disciplined, posting on a regular basis.

7. How would you characterize female blogging?

the same as male blogging. sometimes i can’t tell if a blog entry is written by a guy or girl.

8. In what way does a NZ blogger relax (music, movie, books, etc)?

in ways that non-bloggers relax. for me, it’s either watching a movie or sitting at Borders catching up on magazines and the latest business books.

9. What do you know about Internet and blogging in Russia?

Nothing. You’re the first Russian blogger I know.

10. What would you wish to bloggers in Russia?

Write some interesting articles (in English if possible) on Russian culture and your perception of New Zealanders and other foreign cultures.

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  1. May says:

    Dear Kenneth! Thank you for the post!

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