Free wifi in New Zealand

Why is it that we don't get free wifi access in New Zealand? The closest to free we had was with the Telecom wifi hotspots that you find at all Starbucks stores, free if you're a Telecom broadband customer. I must confess that was one of the reasons I used Telecom broadband.

A few months ago, all that stopped when Telecom got SmartPay to manage the wifi network. They changed the boring but functional “Telecom wifi” brand to “Fivo” and took the opportunity to start charging $10 per hour for wifi. Is that ridiculous or what?

I was at Westfield St Lukes the other day, and while waiting for my car to be serviced at the AA across the road, I figured I could just do some work at the mall.  Seeing almost everything I need is hosted online, all I need is pretty much an internet connection. I enquired at bupropion from turkey the info desk and got told that there's only ONE wifi hotspot at St Lukes, at the Starbucks. I th

credit score range

ought I could avoid having to pay the $10 / hour, but no such luck.

I figured I would give the new Fivo a try. But the darn thing just wouldn't work. I gave up after two attempts at buying credit online. I called the 0800 number, and got told that the online purchase of credits doesn't work.

In Malaysia, malls offer free wifi as a service for parents/husbands/boyfriends. That way they don't have to stand around waiting but engage in more productive activities, like online gaming, surfing the net etc. It also means that the kids/wives/girlfriends can go on prolonged guilt-free shopping trips.

Now that's an idea.

Given the fact that broadband is pretty cheap anyway, why is it that New Zealand malls can't do the same? Surely it would be well worth the investment…


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