Chinese people having fun

A friend of mine Justin invited me along for Skykiwi's Miss Zodiac beauty pageant on Sunday night. I must confess I had fun, not just from looking at pretty girls 😉 but I was pretty impressed with everything else: performances, ambience etc.

the girls on stage. forgot my camera, so had to take this using my phone

The entire event was delivered in Mandarin, and there were parts I didn't understand, but overall everyone seemed to have had a great time. Unfortunately, you get the jokers who keep their cellphones on, and even worse, prescriptions paxil answer their calls in public. I can't imagine th

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at happening at say the NZSO or Ballet.

I particularly liked the part of the competition where each participant gets a fan/friend to come up on stage to secure support from the audience. The “fan” explains why the participant deserves to win. These guys were pretty funny and creative.

It's great that there are functions like this in Auckland. Great work Skykiwi! How I wished that there were more Kiwis there, although admittedly they would have difficult following what was happening. People need to see that Chinese people can have fun too. You wouldn't be able to recognise the members of this boisterous crowd the next day as they revert to their daytime personalities, whether in the classroom or workplace.

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I notice the Jekkyl and Hyde mode more because I observe these guys in different situations. Hopefully someday more Chinese people would speak up, be funny, loud and generally just be themselves at school and at work.


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