Vietnamese show and tell

I just got back from a Vietnamese dinner in Otahuhu, hosted by one of my Vietnamese friends. He had a theme going, which he called a Vietnamese “show-and-tell”. Nothing sleazy I assure you. The idea is every person brings something along to share with the rest. It has to be something related to Vietnam.

I have been thinking about this for days. Today I asked my colleagues to see what they thought. Peter suggested talking about the Vietnamese hat. I'm glad I didn't as 2 other people talked about hats.

Instead I decided to talk about something that Vietnam is famous for in South East Asia. And that is for the prowess of their football teams. Vietnamese people are really into football (OK, so's the rest of the world outside of NZ). Considering their size and economic status, they tend to do pretty well.

As a Malaysian, I'm pretty embarassed to see the Vietnamese constantly beating Malaysia's football team. In the most recent incident, the Vietnamese Women thrashed Malaysia 11-0 in the group stage of the Southeast Asia Women’s Football Championship in Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday. I know my Malaysian friends will say I shouldn't be writing about this. But this is what I shared…

Perhaps a better story than the alternative, which was to talk about bean sprouts…frankly that

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was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about Vietnam. You know the kind you get when you order raw beef noodle soup…

We have to start organising some show and tell events at Euroasia. French show and tell, Spanish show and tell etc.

I am sure at least some of you would be keen…

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