The implications of not voting

A friend sent me this CNNBC video. It's really good. You can customise this online. Check it out:

I forwarded this on to some friends. On Friday, I received an email back from CNNBC with this message:

“Wow. Thanks to people like you, this nonvoter video has now been sent to over 11 million friends. It's going out to more than

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30 new people per second.

Research shows that this kind of social “nudging” is extremely effective. So we're aiming to reach 15 million people before Election Day—only a few days away.”

“Studies show that by far the best way to get people out to vote is to convince them that (a) everyone else is voting, and (b) everyone will know if they don't vote. This video does both—with a smile (or smirk, in some cases).”

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