Poking fun at Germans

This is a funny ad put out by Berlitz, portraying the German Coast guard. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

I have so many funny stories about accents. Not “toh-mah-to” vs “toh-may-to” type discussions…but pronunciation that's way off. Luckily after years of dealing with people with a variety of accents from every major Western and Eastern cult

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ure, I'm beginning to be able to make out what people are trying to say.

People speak English in so many different ways. I'm with

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the camp that believes languages evolve, and as long as you get the message across, grammatical and spelling mistakes are acceptable. As such, my advice to most people learning a second language is to just start practising. Don't worry about getting it 100% right. Because if you want to work out all the grammar until you get it absolutely right, you will never speak a word in the first two years. The key is to get started. You get the most joy from learning a language by actually being able to use it. Then you'll have more motivation to learn the grammar and progress to the next level.


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