Why do Asian girls date Kiwi guys?

I had a look at our blog stats and surprisingly, one of the posts driving the most traffic from google searches was one I wrote in May 2008 on cross-cultural relationships, exploring some of the reasons why

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and how cross-cultural relationships happen. It seems a lot of people are interested in the reasons why in most of the cross-cultural relationships, the guy is typically Kiwi and the girl is typically a foreigner, mostly Asian. So the real question is why do Asian girls date Kiwi guys but Kiwi girls rarely date Asian guys?

I found some really funny videos on youtube.com addressing this very topic.

A funny video made by a Chinese guy talking to his Caucasian friend about the reasons Asian girls prefer white guys. Not very scientific but good humour value.

This is another video from a white girl's perspective. She has real life experience going out with an Asian guy. She addresses some common myths about cross-cultu

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ral relationships, and share some of her personal reasons why she prefers Asian guys (eg. she doesn't like hairy men). Perhaps one comment that stood out is that she thinks Asian guys should be more confident. If an Asian guy thinks that there's not going to be chemistry with a white girl, then you're setting yourself up for failure. The key is to just give it a shot.

She seems serious but it's pretty funny.

This one is more representative. The interviewer actually went out and asked some Asian girls as to why they prefer to go out with white guys. I guess the saving grace for Asian guys is that in response to the question “When it comes to a serious long term relationship, you would give Asian guys a chance?”, all the Asian girls said yes. Phew…. and I can hear all those single Asian men heave a sigh of relief.


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