Bill Gates' dad shares insights

If I had the opportunity to meet Bill Gates' father, the first question I would ask is how did you do it? What's the secret? So it is indeed humourous to find that everyone from “reporters at Fortune to the checkout person at the local grocery store”  ask these questions of Bill Gates Sr. His response is even funnier: “Oh, it's a secret all right … because I don't get it either!”

Bill Gates Sr has just released a book called “Showing Up for Life“, and you can read an excerpt here in last week's Fortune Magazine.

In this Fortune Mag article, Bill Gates Sr talks about how Bill (his family calls him Trey) started his first business before Microsoft, a company that created and marketed a piece of equipment they had developed called the Traf-O-Data, that basically analysed raw traffic data and created a graph that gave a picture of each day's traffic flow.

Obviously Traf-O-Data w

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as no Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500). Bill Gates Sr shares: “Perhaps the lesson here is that every success involves a few false starts.”

The most powerful story in the article was the reaction of Gates Sr to Trey dropping out

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of Harvard to start Microsoft.

Gates Sr: “Perhaps there's a lesson in this for the parents of other curious children who, from the levitra generic ordering start, require the freedom to meet life on their own terms: It is that there is no statute of limitations on the dreams you have for your children. And there is no way to predict how much delight you might feel when those dreams are realized in a far different way than you could have imagined.”

It's a really good story. The book is coming out in the US next week. $14.96 on
Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime

One day when I have kids I have to remember not to make them to go to Business School… they will have to go for language classes though 🙂


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