Spanish lessons for Starbucks workers

I’ve just found out that some viagra discount 100,000 Starbucks workers throughout the United States will begin learning Spanish.  Starbucks just signed an agreement with Spain’s Cervantes Institute to offer workers Spanish lessons via the Institute’s online Virtual Spanish Classroom (Aula Virtual de Español), according to a newspaper article.

This is no small endeavour, and obviously Starbucks would have given this a lot of thought. It’s not just professional development for staff, but increasingly an economic necessity, given the sheer number of Spanish-speaking customers throughout the US.

Here in New Zealand, the situation is not exactly the same, but increasingly headed in that direction. We have more and more people in New Zealand, especially in Auckland, speaking languages other than English.

Spanish lessons anyone? We have Spanish classes starting this week and in July.

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Check out our course timetable for more information on Spanish and other language programmes.

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