Why Kiwis learn French

The French language is certainly one of the most popular languages that Kiwis learn. Here are some reasons why you should consider learning French:
• Together with English and Spanish, French is one of the most international of European languages, spoken in all the continents of the world.
• French was for centuries the international language of diplomacy and culture; it’s still important in those fields.
• The French-speaking world has contributed an enormous

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number of great artists, writers, philosophers and scientists.
• France has a large economy with a huge international presence.
• French cuisine is world-renowned, and French is discount pfizer viagra still the international language of cooking, so at least a smattering of the French language is useful for chefs and food enthusiasts.
• Young Kiwis can go and work in France, Belgium or Canada for one year under a working holiday scheme.
• If France seems a long way off, New Caledonia and French Polynesia are more accessible holiday destinations. Even a limited knowledge of the French language can enrich and enliven your tropical holiday.
• Much like speakers of English, French speakers tend not to be very enthusiastic about speaking other languages. There is no guarantee you will find someone prepared to speak to you in English!

You can learn French and other languages at award-winning Euroasia Language Academy. Over 2500 Aucklanders have attended one of our courses. Come check out our free taster lessons next week.

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