Very old European Language Academy radio ad

Can’t believe what I just found trawling through the files on the server. A very old radio ad from the European Language Academy days… sounds cheesy now, and I wouldn’t have signed off on this campaign today.

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ELA_Radio.mp3 (792 KB)

The whole “Think like a European” concept came from an ex-staff member who used to be a Creative Director at a top ad agency in Europe. The idea is to sell the sophistication and romance of Europe with a series of ads…like this one with the headline “Spring term starts

26 April. Enrol now”. Problem was people didn’t quite get the European twist. 

Everyone I asked told me it was clever. But I learnt one thing. Clever does not equal sales. All part of the learning process.

I liked this one though…that we put into the International Film Festival booklet. The model was one of our students who was such an amazing actor. Very cool. 

I’m glad we branched into Asian languages and rebranded to

Euroasia. It was a tough decision; to ditch an established brand and “taint” a strong “European” brand with the Asian twist. The gamble paid off and today Euroasia has arguably a stronger brand than European Language Academy did in the past. The bonus is a significant chunk of our revenue now comes from our other activities including consulting and translation services. Sometimes you do have to bite the bullet.

I’ve discovered over the years the most effective marketing is consistent delivery of top-quality performance, coupled with good sales strategies to generate and convert leads. Old fashioned, but effective. I guess I would far rather be boring and rich than to be clever and poor.

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