Immigration or invasion flyers in Christchurch

The Press reports that flyers titled “Immigration or Invasion” has been distributed in Christchurch by a group called New Zealand Right Wing Resistance.

Some thoughts on the arguments presented:

“If current trends continue, whites will soon be a minority in this country”.

That’s a well-known fact. Not just in New Zealand. Around the world white people are having fewer kids. So it’s no surprise that the proportion of whites will continue to dwindle.

I imagine similar conversations happening in Christchurch in the 1800s along the lines of “If current trends continue, Maori will soon be a minority in this country”.

“Uncivilised immigrants are turning New Zealand into a third world slum. They come to take advantage of our welfare systems, they take our already scarce jobs, they disrespect our culture and have no interest in the wellbeing of our once great nation.”

These “uncivilised immigrants” are the very people propping up the New Zealand economy. Globally, it’s

well acknowledged that immigrants give more than they take as a whole. If immigrants uproot their lives in order to move their family to New Zealand, don’t you think perhaps they may want to contribute towards their adopted home, in order for a brighter future for the kids? It’s preposterous to suggest

immigrants come to New Zealand to sabotage this country so that their kids have no future here.

Some of us “uncivilised immigrants” take it a step further; creating jobs, paying taxes, paying people who pay taxes, buying from local suppliers etc.

Hon Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Immigration, commenting on the Department of Labour research on the economic impact of immigrants to New Zealand, says: “Without current levels of inward migration, both our population base and economy would shrink dramatically. By 2021, our population would drop by 9.6 per cent and our GDP would drop by 11.3 percent. There would be a 10.9 percent drop in the available labour force and the export sector would be savaged with volumes dropping by 12.9 percent.

“What this research tells us is that immigration contributes significantly to every New Zealander’s per capita income”.

“They bring crime, spread previously foreign diseases inter-breed with our people, and are increasingly taking over our schools, putting our own children at a disadvantage.”

Anyone who has ever attended a school prize-giving ceremony in any urban New Zealand town will see that there is a disproportionate number of Asian immigrant kids winning prizes. If that is what is meant by “taking over our schools” I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing. After all, the people complaining are supposedly the the very people who champion meritocracy and complain about affirmative action for Maori. It’s no secret. The reason immigrant kids are “taking over our schools” is simply because they work harder, in spite of English often not

being their first language, and in spite of many having come from humble family backgrounds. Encouraging people to succeed in spite of adversity is supposedly a very Kiwi value. So I’ve heard.

“Don’t allow yourself to be misled by this corrupt financially useless, multiculturalist, perverted Government! Stop sitting back on the sideline, DO SOMETHING for your people and your nation! Send them home and close the borders!

Ahh… when all arguments fail…there’s always the standard line: Ching Chong, go home.

I suppose there’s only a very small minority who share the sentiments of this white supremacist group. What’s worrying however is the number of people who have voiced their support for this group in the comments section of The Press article.

At Euroasia, our corporate vision has always been about “connecting people across cultures”. Though we are in the business of providing foreign language courses for Kiwis, in reality we do more than that. We help New Zealanders better understand people from other cultures, and vice-versa. 9 times out of 10, misunderstanding occurs because of a lack of communication between parties, and unchallenged misconceptions about the other party. We are now offering our language courses in Christchurch. Hopefully we can play a small role in bridging the gap between immigrants and locals in Christchurch.




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Kenneth is Director of Euroasia. He is passionate about languages and cultures.


  1. Antho says:

    oh who gives a fuck, didn’t read it just shut the fuck up!

    On a related note I invented the internet, also windows. Bill stole the idea while he was balls deep in my sister.


  2. Ken Leong says:

    If you are representative of the average intelligence level of the racists in this country I guess this is why having more immigrants in New Zealand would raise the average IQ here.

  3. Esther says:

    @Ken Leong
    Touche Ken!
    Great that you have prepared this blog.
    Cheers Esther.

  4. simon Gray says:

    What madness!! These people clearly need some help. However, I do think immigration is a serious issue and needs to be carefully monitored giving that there are security concerns associated with it if we get it wrong – we don’t want to end up like many of the European nations which sadly now have major integration problems, for various reasons, and security/terrorism problems with their Islamic communities which first migrated their after WWII to help rebuild Europe’s economy. Further, this great nation of ours is a very attractive nation to live in and, yes, the social wealth-fare system no doubt attracts many people but so long as the immigrants are not seeking it as a career option then they are OK!
    As New Zealand is technically walking the same line as Europe did/is in the pursuit of greater economic gain and domestic development we need immigration, as has been correctly noted above, however, we need to be selective about it – not in the sense of ethnicity, rather, in correctly matching immigration with the domestic demands/growth in New Zealand’s employment sectors and/or economy. Hence, the current global financial crisis has ultimately seen less of a demand for new skilled/labour works in New Zealand and then when the economy starts to grow at a higher level we thus may need higher leaves of immigrants to meet the demand if New Zealand does not have enough.

  5. XTRM says:

    We’ll hunt down these instigators/white supremacists and slaughter them.

  6. sawaddee says:

    when i was a tourist, i was attacked 3 times by these people.
    and i read news many asian is missing, kidnapped & killed.

    common white supremacist fanatic, new zealand is not your even your home,
    it belongs to maoris

    anyway, i met many good white people while staying there…

    and fyi, we’re richer & brilliant than you, fanatics

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