German interpreter in court

Came across this funny story, not sure how true it is, but it's funny nevertheless.

The police swear that this story

is true, and that

it is about a Christchurch judge who was once in session in a court down south, when the case of a German tourist was called.

The tourist could speak no English and no interpreter was available.

Was there anyone in the court who could speak German? the judge asked.

He did a

bit of pleading and cajoling in the interests of getting the case heard right then, and eventually a wee chap in the back of the public seating put his hand up.

Yes, he spoke German, he said.

The judge looked relieved and motioned him forward and told him to stand next to the dock.

He would act as the unofficial interpreter to get the case moving.

Could he start by confirming the person’s name please? the judge asked.

The wee chap turned to the dock and loudly demanded: “Vot iss your name?”

Shaking his head, the judge said, “Ah well, I suppose I asked for that,” and sent the “interpreter” back to the public seats.

Credit: Courtnews

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