Long overdue hate mail from random stranger

So I return to the office to find some random stranger’s message on my voicemail telling me why I should leave New Zealand. I do get some hate mail every now and then, usually after I stand up for wealthy Chinese investors, poor migrant workers or ripped off international students. Even seemingly innocent comments

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like why Kiwis must learn a foreign language can attract criticism. But the all-time record for hate mail received would’ve been in mid-2009 when I stood up in defence of some poor Tongan who barbecued and consumed dog meat.

Not unexpectedly, this Pacific Islander was publicly crucified at the time and never heard from again.  My controversial blog article explaining why I don’t think we can ban people from eating dog meat made some people very upset. I can understand why. In summary, the main reason we can’t eat dogs is because dogs are cute and why eat a “man’s best friend”? There’s plenty of other meat we can eat. I’m fine with that, as I would never eat dog meat myself.

But it doesn’t mean we change the law to prevent others from doing so.

You can read the story on stuff.co.nz. The furore quickly died down and I completely forgot about this. So Scotty-come-lately calls me up from Christchurch probably after reading a 3 year old newspaper under his bed to abuse me over my long-forgotten comments to a journalist regarding

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this case.

You can hear the voicemail for yourself here: 

So here we have another guy intent on getting people like me (ie. Asians) out of New Zealand. Never mind the comments were inaccurately attributed to me. Don’t let facts get in the way. And when you’re arguing with a Chinaman and all else fails, the standard line is “go home to China”. Or South Korea. Or, when in doubt, “Asia”. What the heck all Asians are the same anyway.

Obviously I didn’t bother to return his call, but of course he is most welcome to contribute to the debate by commenting below.  I should probably exercise some restraint. After all, it wouldn’t be a good look if the Chinaman had superior English language skills.

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  1. So bizarre, he sounded drunk. Great blog post.

  2. I think, hopefully, he is just an ignorant minority. I’m happy you call NZ home 🙂

  3. Great way to handle this ill-informed rant. What took him so long? Maybe doing some research? (-:

  4. Duncan Stuart says:

    Yeah mate, we New Zealanders don’t eat our animals. We keep 30 million sheep because they make really cuddly pets.

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