Tolerance has limits

I’m not a huge follower of Masterchef, but did come across an episode where Raheel the vegetarian couldn’t face up to butchering a duck. I’m usually one to stand up for minority groups, especially those who face discrimination.  Around the world, there are many people groups who do not eat meat for religious or philosophical reasons. This is to be respected. By my estimates, at least 1/3 of the world’s population comprise of people who do not eat at least one type of meat. Sometimes a huge meat-eating nation like New Zealand may have difficulty grasping this.

Coming back to Masterchef, some may argue that it’s not fair to ask a vegetarian to cook a whole duck.

But what do you expect? Anyone with any clue what

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the show is about will realise that competitors are required to cook all sorts of dishes including non-halal, non-kosher, preparing; using every conceivable ingredient including meat, alcohol and whatever else the judges demand. That’s what you sign up for.

Simon Gault’s writeup on why he ejected Raheel is illuminating.

There are good reasons why individuals shouldn’t be forced to cook or eat anything which goes against their beliefs.  But you waive this right when you put yourself on a TV cooking show.

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  1. She knew what she was getting herself into. I have little sympathy for her

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