Unborn babies can learn languages

We all know that kids can learn languages quicker than adults. But did you know that even unborn babies can learn languages? Talk about starting young…

Check out the latest discovery from a Swedish-American team of researchers.

“We showed that the foetus during the last ten weeks of the pregnancy not only listens to but

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remembers and learns languages,” Patricia Kuhl at the Washington University Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences told the BBC.

It was already known that babies during their last weeks in the womb could recognize their mother's voice and vocal melody. After studying newborns, however, a Swedish-American team of scientists proved that the babies had learned a lot more than that.

The scientists studied forty infants who were just 30 hours old. The baby boys and girls were then made to listen to vocal sounds in Swedish and English.

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The American babies would start sucking their pacifiers more intently when they heard Swedish vowels, which researchers interpreted as a sign of curiosity upon hearing a foreign tongue. The Swedish babies reacted similarly when they heard English sounds.


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