How to encourage students to pursue language learning – tips from teachers

Interesting article in Guardian where modern foreign language teachers share their expertise and tips on how to inspire students to continue with language learning beyond beginner level.

Eurovision 2012

Jane Driver, Head of Languages at Hinchingbrooke School.

It's no good putting on a languages day at the end of year 9 if we want our students to study languages post 14. We've got to get our students excited and interested in languages right from the moment they arrive at secondary school (or, even better, before they come). The first place to start is raising the profile of languages in your school – as we can get a little hidden. We run a Eurovision song competition in year 7 which kick starts some great phonics work.

David Ceirog-Hughes teaches general studies and languages atWinchester College

I find introducing the students to poetry and short stories as soon as possible provides a real context for learning. I'm a particular fan of Philippe Delerm “La première gorgée de bière” who writes these little essays on French life, and the poems of Jacques Prévert. It makes the language learning process

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more meaningful. In France there's a tradition of learning through poetry and we have a poetry recitation competition in the target language which pupils take seriously.

If you can stop language learning being remote that's the key to unlocking so much interest.

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