Benefits of learning a foreign language

Analysis of data from dating agencies show that people  who speak a foreign language are more attractive. Check out this interesting infographic. Share this: Tweet

50 Amazing Facts about Chinese New Year 2014 – Year of the Horse

Wishing all Euroasia friends and family a prosperous year of the horse. Share this: Tweet

Amazing story of Tim Donner – hyperpolyglot

In the Anglo-Saxon world, it’s unusual to find people fluent in more than one language. It’s even more unusual to find people who can speak more than 2 or 3 languages. So there’s no way to describe Tim Donner except to say he’s incredibly talented. Tim is from New...

2014 Euroasia course prices

The price for a standard Euroasia course has remained the same since October 2010 (we upped the price by $8 in 2010 to cover the increase in GST). Effective 1 January 2014, our course prices will increase slightly (by 8% from $368 to $399). Of course, you are still...

Malaysia Forum in Auckland (6 Dec)

Those of you who are doing business in Malaysia, or keen to do so are welcome to sign up for this forum in Auckland. You are invited to attend the Malaysia Forum on Friday 6 December in Auckland. Malaysia is New Zealand’s eighth-largest trading partner, the largest ASEAN market...

Japanese Film Week 25 – 30 Nov (FREE Japanese movies) in Auckland

Some awesome Japanese movies screening week of 25 November in Auckland. Free (but booking required), courtesy of Japanese Consulate in Auckland. Scroll down for movie details and check out the official Japanese Film Week site.   Details of movies part of this festival, including some amazing award winning films. Abacus And...

“No time” is just an excuse

One of the skills most valued by native English speakers is the ability to speak a foreign language. Some may console themselves in the knowledge (or assumption) that “everyone” speaks English. Some would give it a try at some stage. Most who wish to learn a language do not...

Rich Barton on power to the people at GES2013

I am blogging live from the Global Entrepreneur Summit in KL this morning. Rich Barton talking about “Power to the people” companies. Thanks for the reminder on the importance of having a BHAG to rally the customers, staff etc. “If it can be raided, it will be raided.” Awesome...

Three Ways Multilingualism Opens Doors In An Interconnected World

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In the past, meeting a person who spoke more than one language was a rarity; before the advent of modern transportation and communication technology, contact with other nations was limited, so knowing more than your native tongue was not, for most people, a necessity. However, today we live in...