Only in Singapore…

After the serious post on Singapore vs NZ from earlier this week, on a lighter note, allow me to share some interesting things about Singapore.

Because everyone's so stressed out, but not too inclined towards anything overly strenuous (nocturnal activities aside), the number 1 national pastime is SHOPPING.

There are people everywhere…but after a while you get used to it. BUT if you come from Australia or New Zealand and value personal space, then there could be some challenges. You need to try taking the MRT at peak times, just for the heck of it.


There's a significant concentration of malls along the famed Orchard Road. This is where most people (locals and tourists alike) go to engage in the national pastime.

takashimaya on orchard road

orchard road

There are some things that Kiwis would find strange. For example, head along to the Louis Vuitton store at Orchard on a weekend, and you find a perpetual queue of people waiting to get in.

You may be wondering: Why would people be patiently queuing to get into a store that sells two thousand dollar handbags? Welcome to Asia. This is where LV makes most of their money. People are extremely brand conscious. Whether you're in Singapore, order propecia Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai or Bangkok, this seems to be the case. Far more than in any Australian or New Zealand city.
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tp://”>People queuing to get into the Louis Vuitton store

Same thing with the Gucci store. Chocka…

Gucci at Orchard

The other thing about having a concentration of well-off people demanding super-niche products and services is that you can see some quaint stores serving small numbers willing to pay high prices.

Perhaps by saying you sell better toys you could justify charging $480 for teeny weeny toy boxes in which the kids could use keep those thousand-dollar gold chains and pendants mummy buys every year.

At Better Toy Store

Well, if you love shopping and really want to experience what it means to be in a real rat race, consider an alternative OE in Singapore / Hong Kong / China. You know who to call if you need to learn some Chinese beforehand 😉

Shopping at Paragon

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