Japanese Film Week 25 – 30 Nov (FREE Japanese movies) in Auckland

Some awesome Japanese movies screening week of 25 November in Auckland. Free (but booking required), courtesy of Japanese Consulate in Auckland. Scroll down for movie details and check out the official Japanese Film Week site.


Details of movies part of this festival, including some amazing award winning films.

Abacus And Sword


Monday 25 November 18:15

Rialto Cinemas Newmarket Book here!

Samurai Drama

2012 Award of the Japanese Academy: Nominated Best Actor Masato Sakai
2012 Award of the Japanese Academy: Nominated Best Art Direction Noriyuki Kondo

A film adaptation of the book by Isoda Michifumi, in which he paints a picture of life in the final days of the Tokugawa shogun, based on his painstaking analysis of the household accounts left behind by a low ranking samurai.

(c) 2010 “Abacus And Sword” Film Partners



Tuesday 26 November 18:15

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award 2010 Montreal World Film Festival : Won Best Actress Eri Fukatsu
award 2010 Montreal World Film Festival : Nominated Grand Prix des Amériques Lee Sang-il
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Actor Satoshi Tsumabuki
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Actress Eri Fukatsu
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Music Score Joe Hisaishi
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Supporting Actor Akira Enomoto
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Supporting Actress Kirin Kiki

Yuichi is a construction worker who’s lived his entire life in a dreary fishing village. With no girlfriend no friends, he spends his days working and looking after his grandparents, with no enjoyment in life other than his car. Meanwhile, Mitsuyo also lives a monotonous life pacing between the men’s clothing store where she works and the apartment where she lives with her sister.

©2010 TOHO CO., LTD. / DENTSU INC. / The Asahi Shimbun Company / Sony Music Entertainment(Japan)Inc. / NIPPON SHUPPAN HANBAI INC. / HORIPRO INC. / AMUSE INC. / KDDI / Yahoo Japan Corporation / TSUTAYA Group / Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.

Sawako Decides


Wednesday 27 November 18:15

Rialto Cinemas Newmarket Book here!


2009 Fantasia Film Festival: Won Feature Film
2009 Fantasia Film Festival: Won Best Actress Hikari Urashima

The first commercial work by director  Yuya Ishii, who gained great recognition at film festivals all over the country for Bare-assed Japan (Mukidashi Nippon), winner of the 2007 Pia Film Festival Grand Prize.


© PFF Partners 2010

Always: Sunset On Third Street 3

Always 三丁目の夕日’64

Thursday 28 November 18:15

The University of Auckland Lecture Theatre 109-B28

Comedy Drama

The year is 1964. With Tokyo preparing to host the Olympics, buildings and highways are being constructed at a feverish pace, and excitement fills the air. Amidst all the change and commotion, the people of Third Street continue to carry on with their lives, as colorful and vibrant as ever.

©2012 “Always3” Film Partners



Friday 29 November 18:15

The University of Auckland Lecture Theatre 109-B28


The latest from writer-director Yaguchi Shinobu, who has produced a string of hits including Happy Flight with his unique viewpoint and outstanding comedic sensibility. Mickey Curtis (KAMIKAZE TAXI}), credited as Igarashi Shinjiro, gives a wonderful performance as a stubborn old man in his first starring role.


Midori’s Flying Goldfish


Saturday 30 November 13:30

The University of Auckland
Lecture Theatre 109-B28

Family Drama

“Midori’s Flying Fish” was created by APCC (Asia Pacific Children Convention) in Fukuoka as a part of 25th anniversary project.  APCC would like to convey “ OMOIYARI” sprits to many people, especially children who bear next generation through this film. Their purpose of this project is to foster children who can respect different culture and work on international exchange.

©2013 APCC/Fireworks

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Why Mailchimp is the coolest email marketing program on the planet

Today I received a package in the mail – with a brand new t-shirt from our email marketing provider, Mailchimp. It’s a Christmas gift that

they sent out from their Austin, Texas HQ to clients all over the world. I must be one of a few people in New Zealand who received this package. The guy putting the package together might have wondered to himself where New Zealand was. Maybe off the coast of Alaska.

Pretty cool t-shirt don’t you think? This is quite a smart way to get people talking about Mailchimp. So for a couple of bucks, they’ve managed to get me to blog about this 🙂 I wonder if we send out free Euroasia t-shirts to clients it will produce the same effect. Well, maybe not with a monkey on the front.

Euroasia has been using Mailchimp since last year to manage our email marketing campaigns. We pay USD30/month (for 2500 subscribers or less). We’re about 100 short of the upper limit, after which we’ll have to pay USD50/month for up to 5000 subscribers. With the high Kiwi dollar, it’s pretty worth it. Especially seeing the features offered are far superior to what we had previously with our open-source email management software.

There are standard things like Analytics integration, subscriber activity reports, social media integration etc. Even not-so-standard things like the ability to add users on the fly using the Mailchimp app on my iPhone, or to view reports

on the go.

For those with a smaller subscriber base, Mailchimp offers a free email marketing plan: store up to 1,000 subscribers and send up to 6,000 emails a month. With no expiring trials, hidden charges or sneaky contracts. They won’t even ask for a credit card. All for ZERO dollars. You might be thinking there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, Mailchimp employs what’s known as a freemium model. In a September 2010 blog entry, they explain how it all works, and how they’re making a lot more money by offering free plans. They also describe their experience starting the Mailchimp business in the wake of the dot-com bust, and why it makes sense starting up a business in a bad economy (useful reading for all of you still thinking about whether to get started on the business idea you’ve been thinking about).

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been using an underwhelming product to manage your email newsletters, the New Year is the time to consider Mailchimp.

Posted via email from Euroasia

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101 FREE tools to learn any foreign language

The people at Online College have written an interesting article on 101 tools that can help you learn a new language. At Euroasia we believe that these tools are best supplemented by classroom time with a teacher. Nevertheless these are good resources for language learners.


With these tools, you’ll find translation and dictionaries.

  1. Xanadu: Get a free all-in-one translation wizard on your PC with Xanadu.
  2. Google Language Tools: Search across languages, translate text, and more using Google’s tools.
  3. Freelang: Check out Freelang for free dictionaries, human translation, fonts, and more.
  4. Rikai: On this page, you can enter the URL you want to go to and see translations as you move your mouse over the text.
  5. Free Online Dictionaries: Make use of these dictionaries to learn more about different languages.
  6. DictSearch: Access 265 online dictionaries using this one simple interface.
  7. Yahoo! Babel Fish: Yahoo!’s Babel Fish will translate text or a web page for you.

FREE Introductory Courses

  1. French I: Follow this course for an introduction to the French language and culture.
  2. American Sign Language: Here you’ll find lesson plans, information on deaf culture, and vocabulary.
  3. Learn to Speak Dutch: You’ll get access to language lessons, vocabulary, and more here.
  4. German I: Acquire an understanding of German through active communication.
  5. BBC Greek: The BBC’s Greek resource offers a quick fix for learning the language.
  6. Beginning Japanese I: Use this course’s interactive study materials to learn beginner Japanese.
  7. Introduction to Portuguese: Use this course to get started learning the Portuguese language.
  8. Learn to Speak Korean: These video courses offer a convenient way to learn Korean.
  9. Intermediate Japanese: Improve your fluency and learn Kanji characters in this course.
  10. BBC Portuguese: BBC’s Portuguese course offers an introduction to the language in 10 short parts.
  11. Farsi: Follow this beginner’s course to get an introduction to vocabulary, sentences, and basic phrases in Farsi.
  12. Advanced Japanese I: With the help of this course, you’ll become an expert in Japanese.
  13. Learn to Speak Russian: You can improve your Russian vocabulary and grammar using these courses.
  14. Kenyan Sign Language: You can learn about Kenyan Sign Language using this illustrated course.
  15. BBC Chinese: Get a taste for the Chinese language with BBC’s slideshows, quizzes, and more.
  16. Introduction to European and Latin American Fiction: Learn about the language and culture of Europe and Latin America through this literature course.
  17. Spanish I: Watch this course’s videos to learn authentic Spanish and all about its cultural diversity.
  18. First Year Chinese: You’ll get an understanding of the basic Chinese speaking and writing principles from this course.
  19. BBC Italian: Improve your Italian skills using these resources from the BBC.
  20. Oral Communication in Spanish: Get an understanding of Hispanic culture with the help of this course.
  21. Learn to Speak Portuguese: Use these audio lessons to learn Brazilian Portuguese.
  22. Communicating Across Cultures: With the help of this course, you’ll learn how to converse with people outside of your culture.
  23. BBC German: Learn grammar, vocabulary, and more in this German Quick Fix.
  24. Spanish Conversation and Composition: Improve your speaking and writing in Spanish with the help of this course.
  25. Learning German: Find four courses in the German language here.
  26. Learn to Speak Japanese: Take these Japanese lessons, and you’ll improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.
  27. Chinese I (Regular): MIT offers a full series of Chinese language learning.
  28. Spanish for Bilingual Students: Students who are bilingual in Spanish and English can improve their Spanish skills with this course.
  29. Learning the basics of French: This beginning course offers a look at verb tenses, grammatical structures, and simple vocabulary.
  30. BBC French: You can find resources for French learners from beginners to intermediates here.
  31. English grammar in context: Learn about speech and writing in English using this course.
  32. The Linguistic Study of Bilingualism: This course will help you better understand bilingualism.
  33. Chinese I (Streamlined): This collection of Chinese courses is designed for students who grew up in a Chinese speaking environment.
  34. BBC Spanish: Get access to Spanish TV, radio, and other resources here.

Language Learning Communities

Through these communities, you’ll be able to meet other people learning a new language and find partners to practice with.

  1. Livemocha: Connect with language partners around the world for social language learning.
  2. My Language Exchange: Make friends and learn a new language on My Language Exchange.
  3. Skype Community: On this board, you can connect with others that want to learn your language, and share theirs.
  4. LingoPass: In this language learning bartering system, you’ll teach and learn new languages.
  5. Palabea: Palabea canada viagra is a social networking site for communicating in foreign languages.
  6. UniLang: You can learn languages with these free language resources, as well as learn, discuss, and practice languages in this community.
  7. italki: Use this add-on for Skype to find other users to learn languages with.


Follow these podcasts, and you’ll find regular entries that will have you speaking a new language in no time.

  1. English as a Second Language Podcast: Check out this podcast for more than 100 ESL lessons.
  2. Chinese Learn Online: Chinese Learn Online offers an introduction to Mandarin Chinese.
  3. French for Beginners: Get started with these lessons for French beginners.
  4. Learn Japanese Symbols: With this podcast, you’ll learn how to use Japanese symbols.
  5. Arabic Language Lessons: Through this service of the US Peace Corps, you’ll find lessons that teach you the Arabic language.
  6. Bulgarian Survival Phrases: With the help of this podcast, you’ll learn enough Bulgarian to get around.
  7. Latinum: Latinum offers language learning in podcast form from London.
  8. English for Spanish Speakers: Check out this podcast to learn English from Spanish.
  9. Le Journal en francais facile: Hear nightly news slowed down for comprehension.
  10. Maori: You can learn the language of New Zealand’s indigenous people with this video podcast site.
  11. Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk: With Serge Melnyk, you’ll get weekly lessons in Mandarin.
  12. Esperanto: Use these lessons to become familiar with Esperanto.
  13. Ta Falado: You’ll find Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation for Spanish speakers in this podcast.
  14. Hebrew Vocab Pronunciations: Find out how to pronounce words in Hebrew using this podcast.
  15. GermanPod 101: Find materials for German learners from beginners to advanced in this podcast.
  16. Learn Romanian: This podcast offers survival phrases for Romania.
  17. ArabicPod: Here you’ll get access to mp3 podcasts as well as transcripts of learning Arabic.
  18. I Speak Hindi: With this podcast, you’ll learn essential words and phrases for Indian travel.
  19. A Taste of Russian: Find real, every day life chats to learn with this podcast.
  20. Dar to Danish: Learn dirty Danish words and other daring parts of the Danish language with this podcast.
  21. Special Finnish: This podcast slows down the language to make understanding easier.
  22. Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies: You’ll have fun learning Hindi with this podcast.
  23. Russian Literature: This literature podcast can help you improve your comprehension and vocabulary with Russian classics.
  24. German Grammar: These German grammar podcasts are designed for American students.
  25. One Minute Catalan: Get quick learning for Catalan using this resource.
  26. Let’s Speak Italian: Break Italian down into manageable 5 minute podcasts here.
  27. Cody’s Cuentos: Learn Spanish by listening to these classic fairy tales and legends.
  28. Survival Phrases Arabic: With this podcast, you’ll learn the essentials of getting around in Arabic.
  29. Laura Speaks Dutch: Prepare for travel to Holland with the help of Laura’s podcast.
  30. Insta Spanish Lessons: Students of all levels will enjoy this Spanish grammar podcast.
  31. Easy French Poetry Podcast: This podcast uses poetry as a topic for French language learning discussion.
  32. Japancast: You’ll learn from anime and everyday conversation using this podcast.
  33. LoMasTv: LoMasTv offers language immersion for Spanish.
  34. Yabla French: With Yabla French, you’ll get captioned videos, integrated dictionaries,

    and more.

Learning Tools

Here, you’ll find tools made just for language learning.

  1. Mango: Use Mango’s online language learning system, and you’ll build your conversation skills in any language.
  2. Babbel: Learn a language with the help of flash cards on Babbel.
  3. Lingro: On this useful site, you’ll find study tools, online translation, games, vocabulary lists, and much more.
  4. Tibetan Language Tools: Here you’ll find resources for the basic alphabet, vowels, and more in Tibetan.
  5. Busuu: Get writing and speaking practice with the help of Busuu.
  6. Byki: You can download language learning software, follow lessons online, and more, even on your iPhone.


Use these online textbooks in your foreign language studies.

  1. German: Make use of this Wikibook to learn German, or take the bite-sized German course.
  2. Belorusian: Learn the Belarusian alphabet and beyond in this textbook.
  3. Afrikaans: Check out this Wikibook to find pronunciation, lessons, and much more for Afrikaans.
  4. Scottish Gaelic: Find pronunciation, sentence structure, and grammar from this book.
  5. Polish: With the help of this Wikibook, you’ll be able to learn the basics of the Polish language.
  6. Irish: Learn the old language of Irish Gaelic using this Wikibook.
  7. Arabic: This Arabic workbook shares the Romanization system, alphabet, definite articles, and beyond.
  8. Portugese: Choose between European and Brazilian Portuguese on this Wikibook.
  9. Yiddish: This book covers Yiddish for Yeshiva Bachurium as well as conversational Yiddish.
  10. French: Check out this excellent French Wikibook for French language learning.
  11. Russian: This Wikibook presents Russian for English speakers.
  12. Albanian: Learn about the unified version of Albanian here.
  13. Textkit: You’ll find books, readers, and more for Greek and Latin learning on Textkit.
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What's happening in Parnell this summer?

Didn't realise there's so much happening locally. This is great. Free entertainment. Might see some of you at these Parnell events.
p/s: Don't forget to go along to the amazing Chinese New Year Lantern Festival at Albert Park from Friday night to Sunday evening.

Drake Jazz at the Rotunda
From Auckland City Council, this is a series of 12 weekly jazz concerts performed at the Auckland Domain band rotunda. All concerts take place on Sundays between 2pm and 4pm

on the following dates:

Sunday 1 February: Kim Patterson Quartet
Sunday 8 February: Carolina Moon Vazz Group
Sunday 15 February: Pete Barwick Quartet
Sunday 22 February: Foghorn
Sunday 1 March: Grant Winterburn Experience
Sunday 8 March: Brian Smith Quintet
Sunday 15 March: David Edmundson
Sunday 22 March: Neil Watson Three
Sunday 29 March: Grand Central Band

For further information on this concert series look how to get your ex back

asp” target=”_blank”>here.

Culture Garden series
From Auckland City Council, The Culture Garden is a series of concerts with a number held at the Wintergarden in the Domain, from 4.30 – 6pm on the following dates:

Sunday 1 February: Nigel Gavin
Sunday 8 February: npme
Sunday 15 February: Baroque on the Rock
For information on this concert series look here.

Summer Tea Dance – Parnell Thursday 26 March, 2-4pm
Dove-Meyer Robinson Park, Gladstone Rd. Featuring Bretts New Internationals. Be dazzled by a 16-piece jazz and dance orchestra with nifty beats from the 1920s, get in the groove to ‘Trad jazz’, or warm up to well-loved tunes by greats like Duke Ellington and Paul Whiteman.

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