Japanese Film Week 25 – 30 Nov (FREE Japanese movies) in Auckland

Some awesome Japanese movies screening week of 25 November in Auckland. Free (but booking required), courtesy of Japanese Consulate in Auckland. Scroll down for movie details and check out the official Japanese Film Week site.


Details of movies part of this festival, including some amazing award winning films.

Abacus And Sword


Monday 25 November 18:15

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Samurai Drama

2012 Award of the Japanese Academy: Nominated Best Actor Masato Sakai
2012 Award of the Japanese Academy: Nominated Best Art Direction Noriyuki Kondo

A film adaptation of the book by Isoda Michifumi, in which he paints a picture of life in the final days of the Tokugawa shogun, based on his painstaking analysis of the household accounts left behind by a low ranking samurai.

(c) 2010 “Abacus And Sword” Film Partners



Tuesday 26 November 18:15

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award 2010 Montreal World Film Festival : Won Best Actress Eri Fukatsu
award 2010 Montreal World Film Festival : Nominated Grand Prix des Amériques Lee Sang-il
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Actor Satoshi Tsumabuki
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Actress Eri Fukatsu
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Music Score Joe Hisaishi
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Supporting Actor Akira Enomoto
2011 Award of the Japanese Academy : Won Best Supporting Actress Kirin Kiki

Yuichi is a construction worker who’s lived his entire life in a dreary fishing village. With no girlfriend no friends, he spends his days working and looking after his grandparents, with no enjoyment in life other than his car. Meanwhile, Mitsuyo also lives a monotonous life pacing between the men’s clothing store where she works and the apartment where she lives with her sister.

©2010 TOHO CO., LTD. / DENTSU INC. / The Asahi Shimbun Company / Sony Music Entertainment(Japan)Inc. / NIPPON SHUPPAN HANBAI INC. / HORIPRO INC. / AMUSE INC. / KDDI / Yahoo Japan Corporation / TSUTAYA Group / Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.

Sawako Decides


Wednesday 27 November 18:15

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2009 Fantasia Film Festival: Won Feature Film
2009 Fantasia Film Festival: Won Best Actress Hikari Urashima

The first commercial work by director  Yuya Ishii, who gained great recognition at film festivals all over the country for Bare-assed Japan (Mukidashi Nippon), winner of the 2007 Pia Film Festival Grand Prize.


© PFF Partners 2010

Always: Sunset On Third Street 3

Always 三丁目の夕日’64

Thursday 28 November 18:15

The University of Auckland Lecture Theatre 109-B28

Comedy Drama

The year is 1964. With Tokyo preparing to host the Olympics, buildings and highways are being constructed at a feverish pace, and excitement fills the air. Amidst all the change and commotion, the people of Third Street continue to carry on with their lives, as colorful and vibrant as ever.

©2012 “Always3” Film Partners



Friday 29 November 18:15

The University of Auckland Lecture Theatre 109-B28


The latest from writer-director Yaguchi Shinobu, who has produced a string of hits including Happy Flight with his unique viewpoint and outstanding comedic sensibility. Mickey Curtis (KAMIKAZE TAXI}), credited as Igarashi Shinjiro, gives a wonderful performance as a stubborn old man in his first starring role.


Midori’s Flying Goldfish


Saturday 30 November 13:30

The University of Auckland
Lecture Theatre 109-B28

Family Drama

“Midori’s Flying Fish” was created by APCC (Asia Pacific Children Convention) in Fukuoka as a part of 25th anniversary project.  APCC would like to convey “ OMOIYARI” sprits to many people, especially children who bear next generation through this film. Their purpose of this project is to foster children who can respect different culture and work on international exchange.

©2013 APCC/Fireworks

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Meet Heather Warne – Japanese language student at Euroasia

You may have seen Heather Warne in the Mitre 10 ad currently running on TV.  Or at one of the many theatre productions she has been part of over the past few years.  A long-term client of Euroasia, she progressed from the Japanese Level 1 course in 2010 to the Japanese Advanced class with Takako. We talk to Heather about her wide range of interests in food/acting/singing/learning.

heather warneWhat do you do professionally?

I work for a charity called the Leprosy Mission – we do overseas aid and development work with people affected by leprosy. I'm also an audio-book narrator with the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind.

What's your favourite food?

Ooh, so many options! I really love variety and trying new combinations and foods from different cultures, but a few old favourites are pizza… chocolate mousse… teppanyaki prawns with Yum Yum sauce…

What do you do when you aren't working?

I like basically any singing opportunities I can get my hands on – musical theatre, recording projects, jamming with bands. I also act, which is sometimes work and sometimes not! And of course enjoy both these things as a spectator, at concerts, theatre and movies. I probably also spend far too much time on computers.

How did you get involved in acting?

Acting is something I've done since I was a kid and been very interested in since college, so I then went on and did a degree in it at Unitec. Singing too – been singing since I was about 5, but a show I did a couple of years ago introduced me to a group of cool singers and I've since then had more training and got further involved in music, and really enjoying all the different avenues of it. I know a few songs in Japanese – it's a fun language to sing in.

What has surprised you most about learning Japanese?

How many verb forms there are… and the number of different words you use to count things!

What's the best thing to happen since you started getting into Japanese language and culture?

I suppose as far as the language, it was pretty awesome when I was watching some old Japanese movies I hadn't seen in a while and found that I wasn't always needing the subtitles. I haven't been to Japan yet – I'm sure that will be the highlight once I have!

Do people recognise you in the streets? What do they say when they do?

Haha, no I'm definitely not at that point yet! Occasionally I'll meet someone who's seen me performing on a stage before we've actually met – but never in really anonymous situations like on the street.

What's your dream job?

Singing, either on the West End or in the Tokyo jazz scene. Perhaps flitting between one and the other.

Heather with her Japanese class and Sensei Takako at the Euroasia Xmas party
Heather with her Japanese class and Takako-sensei at the Euroasia Xmas party (Dec 2011).

What's it like to be learning Japanese at Euroasia?

Really positive environment, great learning from a native speaker and everyone's there of their own accord so they're keen to have fun and also learn.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about learning Japanese?

Go for it! It's a fun language to learn – there are fiddly bits, but it's also not too hard to get your mouth around. As far as a tip, start learning kana (the writing) early – the sooner you know them, the sooner you can start practicing as you continue to learn

What's the difference between a Japanese and a Kiwi?

Hmmm… I haven't personally met a lot of Japanese people so I can't really speak from my own experience. The Japanese appear to be much more stylish, pop-culture-wise, much more outgoing. Also driven – whereas kiwis are often quite laid-back. Though if Takako-sensei is anything to go by, the Japanese must smile a lot!

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Taste of Japan: 19 September

The annual Taste of Japan is coming up again. This is a free event where you can experience Japanese culture and food at its best in Auckland City. There will be Japanese food, Taiko Drums, calligraphy, tea ceremony and more. We encourage everyone learning Japanese to attend this event, and certainly a number of us from Euroasia will be there. If you've always wanted to learn Japanese, go along to be inspired. It's the closest you will get to Japan at spring-time in Auckland.

When: Sat 19 Sep, 10:00am–4:00pm
Where: Logan Campbell Centre, ASB Showgrounds, 217 Greenlane West, Epsom

I've been to Taste of Japan when it was held at ASB Stadium in Kohimarama, and certainly moving to the Showgrounds is a great idea. At least it solves the parking problem. I really don't know what the fascination is with shaved ice but there were 50 people in the queue at any one time at a previous festival. It's the lowest cost product with the highest margins, buy cialis online no prescription and the enterprising guy who passed this off as Japanese food deserves high commendation (as well as the thousands I'm sure he took home for a day's work). I will be going along just to sample the authentic Japanese food, although the drummers should

be good too.

This is the perfect day out with your friends and family so don't miss out.

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