Rich Barton on power to the people at GES2013


I am blogging live from the Global Entrepreneur Summit in KL this morning.

Rich Barton talking about “Power to the people” companies.

Thanks for the reminder on the importance of having a BHAG to rally the customers, staff etc.

“If it can be raided, it will be raided.”

Awesome points on the environmental conditions essential to startup ecosystem.
– good government
Soil of good startup ecosystem
– steady water supply of talent and capital.
Share – secrecy is overrated. Don’t be paranoid about people stealing your ideas.
– Healthy environment for exit ie IPOs and M&A.
– Tight knit community. Eg Techcrunch
Velocity of ideation. Ie Silicon Valley

Q&A with Lorraine Hahn

Why Zillow?
Zillion + Pillow
2 syllables easy to say.
Z is rare. High points in Scrabble hence Zillow stands out.

Big challenge is raising capital

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